HRDS Events & Other Info:

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Creative Ballet (20mo-2yrs): Feb 7- March 14 AND April 4-May 9

Ballet/Tap (3-4yrs): Feb 7- March 14 AND April 4-May 9

Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop (5-8yrs): Feb 7- March 14 AND April 4- May 9

Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop (ages 9 and up): Feb 6- March 13 AND April 3- May 8

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Recital Information

Recital Costumes: Each class will have a different costume for recital (ballet/tap and ballet/tap/jazz classes will have 1 costume). Costumes fees are due in October. When we return from Thanksgiving break all costumes will be posted on a bulletin board, with class number listed by each costume. Recital costumes will be worn for recital pictures, dress rehearsal and recital. Costumes will be passed out during the week of March 5-8th.

Recital Packet: Recital packets will contain all important information regarding what shoes or tights to wear for each class, exact picture time, dress rehearsal time, and which recital dancers will be perform in. Recital packets will also contain a unique code for each family to redeem 4 tickets for their dancer’s recital. Recital packets will be passed out during the week of March 5-8th.

Recital Tickets: Each registration fee paid upon registering allows families to redeem 4 tickets for their dancer’s recital. Redemption codes will be listed on Recital packets passed out March 5-8th. A limited number of additional tickets will be available for purchase. Tickets will be redeemed and purchased online through a TBA ticketing company.

Recital Pictures: Recital pictures will be held at the studio on Saturday April 7th. Pictures will be taken by Through a Lens Photography and will be available for purchase. Each class will take a picture in their costume. Dancers may purchase group photos and individual photos. Exact picture times TBA.

Dress Rehearsal: Dress will rehearsal will be held at McKendree University on Wednesday May 16. At dress rehearsal, dancers will wear their costumes, and stage hair/makeup is encouraged. They will run each of their routines on the stage in their costumes. Exact rehearsal times TBA

Recital: Recital will be held at McKendree University on Friday May 18 (6 and 8pm) and Sunday May 20 (2, 4 and 6pm). Recital is an opportunity to showcase every dancer’s hard work and celebrate their dance accomplishments throughout the year. Recital assignments for each class TBA.


  • Halloween, October 31st
  • Thanksgiving, November 20th-November 24th
  • Christmas, December 22nd-January 8th
  • Easter Break, March 26th-April 1st

Lost and Found

Our lost and found box is located in the hallway next to the bathroom. All items left after classes will be placed in the lost and found. Please check the lost and found for any items you may have lost or left behind. Pleae note that all lost and found are donated to good will at the end of each semester. Heavenly Rhythm is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Used Shoes

If you are interested in selling used shoes, please place them in a zip lock bag with your contact information, size of shoe and price written on it clearly and give to the front desk. Note: we are not responsible for turned in shoes that may get lost or miss placed so do so at your own risk.

If you are interested in buying used shoes, please contact the front desk and they will let you know what we have available. We know shoes get expensive and recycling is a great way to help offset the costs for both sides!

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, an e-mail will be sent out and also will be posted on the HRDS Team App and on the home page of the website regarding the status of classes. Please note the studio does not always follow school closings as roads are often cleared by the time classes begin. There will be no makeup classes per routine policy.

Observation Opportunities

All five studios are equipped with a viewing window, in which parents and family are welcome to peek in on classes, and see how their dancer is doing in class. We do ask that you stand back from the windows. We also ask that you do not view from the parking lot windows unless you are seated within your vehicle. This is to help prevent distractions during the dance classes. Thank you for understanding and following these requests.

Dress Code/What to Wear

Dance Clothing:

During class time students are expected to wear “typical” dance attire. Tights are required and MUST be worn underneath all cropped dance pants, shorts, hot pants or spankies. Tights can be of any color and can either be footed, convertible or footless, as long as they cover the knee. Hair should be pulled back away from the face. No food, gum, drink, or cell phones are allowed in classrooms.

“Typical” dance attire includes: tights, leotard, cropped dance pants, shorts, spankies, leggings, tank top, legwarmers or other warmups, ballet skirt, fitted T-shirt, cami tops. Please, NO jeans or streetwear.

All Students in intermediate or advanced classes must wear leotards or tighter fitting tops. Tank tops and cropped tops are acceptable. No baggy T-shirts are allowed. Leotard and tights ONLY for all ballet tech classes.

Where to get dance attire:

  • Online through Discount Dance Supply click here
  • Dance Counts, 4235 Rt 159 Glen Carbon 656-1234
  • Center Stage: 1722 N. Belt, Belleville 235-6032
  • Dance Things & More: 302 E. Broadway, Alton 462-3656

HRDS gear is also available online and can be worn in classes. Click here to check out our new gear!

Dance Shoes:

100 level classes (ballet/tap combo classes): pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes for jazz and pom

All Acro classes: barefoot

200 & 300 level classes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes, streetshoes/jazz shoes for hip-hop (to be determined by instructor)

400 level classes: pink ballet shoes, black jazz tap shoes, black or tan jazz shoes – ask teacher specifically which color – NO TIES PLEASE, CLEAN streetshoes shoes for hip-hop (color to be determinded by instructor)


HR Gear is now avaiable online! Order as frequently as you want, with no minimum order. There is something for everyone and it ships directly to your house! Just follow the link below and order away!!

Photo Release

The studio is hereby granted permission to take photographs of the students to use in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials the school creates. Permission is also hereby granted for the school to copyright such photographs in its name. Personal information (full name, address, age, etc) will not be released.